A Birmingham Independent store offering key pieces for life & style from a carefully edited selection of Heritage & Lifestyle brands. Delivering intuitive service, with a team passionate about the products they serve.

Photo by Lilith Hunt-Sheppard @ SIXTYNINE DEGREES Magazine


Est 2011 Birmingham, Britain’s youngest and second largest city known for its cosmopolitan culture and for having been the world’s first manufacturing town. The energy and passion there to create, remains. Nowadays they mostly make ideas there: that of founders and brothers Jamie and Jordan Quinn drawing on their rich experience in both design and retail, their vision is to create a bespoke shopping destination for gents, ladies and children offering well-made, functional clothing, geared for outdoor life and more importantly has personality.

“During our respective early careers we both developed a first-hand understanding of what sets apart really good independent stores from corporate department giants. Personal service and building a rapport with customers. This helped us not just style the customer but we also learnt more about what the customer wanted in store and more importantly what was missing in store.”

Jamie studied art and design and was a key designer in many high profile brand campaigns. Jordan went onto work in bricks and mortar independent fashion stores – establishing himself in many roles in the industry including brand manager, visual merchandiser and menswear buyer.

It’s no coincidence that the brothers joined forces. We wanted to take our vision of the perfect store to a bigger audience, so in the unconventional way we started out as an online retailer, helping Midlands based independent stores reach online users. It wasn’t long before we began to create our own brand profile. It soon became frustrating not having complete control of our offering due to working with other retailers. For this reason we took the decision to step aside from the Internet and concentrate on opening our own store. For us, this was always on the horizon. It was more a question of when the time was right for us.

In many ways 2015 was a watershed moment for Birmingham. The unveiling of the redeveloped New Street Station gave a fresh face to the city, with £750m spent on modernising the UK’s busiest railway hub outside London.

The station’s new retail complex, Grand Central, ushered in a raft of well-known chains keen to stake their claim in the city, but very few brave independents. Birmingham attracted 38 million visitors in 2015, The city is continuing to grow, with infrastructure developments in the pipeline including the HS2 railway line and its Curzon Street Station terminus.

According to ONS figures, Birmingham is the most popular city for 30-something professionals and families moving away from London, adding numbers and spending power to its population of 1.1 million people. And with 46% of that population aged under 30, the future looks bright for No 50.

Located in the heart of the city centre, tucked in between the heritage, scenic Victoria Square and the futuristic style of Grand Central.  Our neighbours include independent bars, coffee shops and restaurants such as Adam's Michelin Star restaurant an.d Purity Bar & Kitchen

Why No 50? (the lightbulb moment)

From the number of our childhood home, to the number of children we have between us, the number 5 has always played a big part in both our lives and being number 50 Pinfold Street, for us the decision was simple.

No50 Brand Profile

Brands are selected from the following criteria:

• The brand has a strong heritage 

• Always quality over quantity

• Impeccable detailing and workmanship throughout 

• Our team has to be passionate about the brand or products

• More importantly there is an appreciation for the brand from the customer – the end user.

• Established brands that have a strong customer perception. 

• Brands have to echo our own values