While the world was at war in 1939, Jan Antonin Bata, a Slovakian shoe maker from the rural village of Partizanske, decided to follow his passion and open up his own shoe-making factory. It wasn't long until the Bata built a name for himself as a shoemaking expert. Unlike his competitors', Bata's designs managed to gauge the perfect balance between style & durability. 

As his name spread, his demand increased. And it wasn't long before Bata was being requested to work with Europe's most elite fashion designers.

In the early 90s, Bata's work evolved into Novesta. Famous for their minimal designs & eco-friendly material, the brand continues to abide by the blueprint made by Batas all those years ago.  Their range of low-top & high-top canvas shoes are not only considered iconic in their homeland of Slovakia, but in countries all across the globe. 

At No.50, we have a wide range of Novesta pumps in a range of colours & sizes, have a scroll and check our collection out now. 



  • Novesta Star Master Military Green
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